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Wanda Matijczak, RHN

“One of my true passions as a holistic nutritionist is helping women restore faith in their bodies and give them the liberating journey they deserve.”

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Fertility Fat Bombs

CHOCOLATE!  I’m willing to bet that you love it (because you’re here, aren’t you?).   Whether we’re celebrating a holiday, birthday, or any special occation, the forecast is probably 95% chance of chocolate!  We eat it...

How to lose weight while trying to conceive

There’s no question that maintaining a healthy weight is best for optimal fertility, as weighing too much or weighing too little can impact hormones, menstrual cycles, and the length of time it takes for women to become pregnant.   Losing...

Gut Health and Fertility

“ALL DISEASE BEGINS IN THE GUT” HIPPOCRATES Okay, I’m just going to say it… Holistic Nutritionists like to talk about poop.  Like, A LOT!   If this horrifies you (and it might), just know that we do it for a very important reason.  We’re...

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